Hello, I am Indigo!

Matchmaking is in my DNA. As I started thinking about opening this firm, I had my doubts. Could I really matchmake for a living? Well my clients would tell you, the answer is yes. You've come to the right place.

Woman in Pink Suit Sitting on Stool

Our secret sauce

three 45 minute dates per consult

only pay when there's exclusivity

tailored connections

all clients do is trust the process

cutting edge innovative prompts

passion project

matchmaking, one heart at a time.

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A Man Carrying a Woman on His Back
Lovely Couple in the Meadow

She is the best matchmaker ever

I was the biggest skeptic on getting a match, and honestly it was frustrating at first putting myself out there; but I was married within a year so I have no complaints.

ThatMatchmaker knows what she's doing!

Male Client